Pave the way for smoother sales

When you start doing things on a larger scale, every little bump in the road becomes increasingly obvious. At Good Systems, we know this from own experience. Not only are we used to working with web application development, server management and e-mail systems (we’ve been in this field for over 20 years); we also have a very close connection to the promotional products industry.

Reklam Grossen, an importer and supplier of giveaways in Scandinavia, started out as a one-man business operating out of the founder’s 10sqm office in 1993. And for as long as the numbers of distributors, suppliers, products and orders were relatively low, he couldn’t really see how much time was wasted on repetitive menial work, follow-up calls and general correspondence with suppliers, printers and distributors. The volumes were low enough for him to process orders by hand and fax. Any needed sorting could be done on the fly.

However, fast-forward fifteen years and Reklam Grossen had some 1000+ distributors on the books – and orders numbering in the hundreds each week. That changes things. No amount of strong Swedish coffee or home-baked cinnamon buns could hide the fact that a combination of colour-coded paper folders, Post-IT notes, emails and Excel sheets didn’t quite cut it anymore. In order to grow any further, they would simply have to optimise the order process, which was done from the ground up when Good Systems were hired for the job.

It started as a small project but soon grew, and seven years and more than 10,000 man-hours later, Reklam Grossen had a yet unnamed system that worked wonders. By then, the founder had retired and Good Systems had acquired a promotional supplier as its subsidiary.

With Reklam Grossen growing fast and offering unparalleled ease of collaboration, distributors began asking what kind of magic we had up our sleeve. Someone even offered a more-or-less blank cheque for the system in its current state. That’s when we realised that we were sitting on a tool that could do more than cater to one single business.

It could revolutionise the promotional industry!

So, having spent an additional 4,000 man-hours to implement complementary functions and make the system compatible with any promotional products business, we hereby proudly present you with ok4print.

Of course, we could go on and on about the cleverness of ok4print, but for the sake of this discussion, let’s be brief: ok4print is the service that will make your processing of orders less about the processing and more about the orders.