Order management for the promotional industry

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Take the juggle out of promotional product sales

Promotional product sales should be about just that. Sales. But all too often, it’s more of a juggling act – with lots up in the air. Order administration. Supplier confirmations. Digital artwork proofs. Amendment requests. Resubmitted designs. Missed approvals. Last-minute copy changes. Order status updates. The list goes on, and it usually includes a range of time-sensitive information dragged and dropped into different folders in your email client or saved in local Excel sheets, calendars or accounting software, or even on printouts and Post-IT notes.

No wonder you’re busy checking, rechecking and making calls and sending e-mails when you should be busy making money. No wonder there are still mistakes and misunderstandings, the cost of which you invariably have to bear. And no wonder it’s basically impossible to safely hand over an account to someone else, knowing that they will pick up where you left off.

ok4print changes all this. ok4print is a Cloud-based and secure, it’s the first and only dedicated order management application for the promotion industry, complementing your existing database, accounting, sales and CRM tools to keep all order information and correspondence in one place. Simply add new order details in free text or pick a product from your list of ok4print favourites and move on to the next in line. ok4print will automatically prompt the customer and supplier to provide all necessary input, including that of the digital proofing process as well as order- and dispatch confirmations from suppliers. The system will then list any orders that need your attention, providing you with a complete overview at a glance. Really, the ok4print pipeline offers the surest path to having your orders delivered on time – whilst also saving time for other chores. And, of course, in this business, there’s always something else to do.

How about booking another customer meeting?

Sign up for ok4print today. You will find that there really doesn’t have to be more to sales than, well, sales.

Prioritise the right orders

ok4print alerts you to any orders that require your attention, and should you like to check the overall situation, you can filter them by virtually any status, client or supplier. You can search orders easily and look up orders from the past.

Automate digital proofing

ok4print saves time by automatically facilitating the customer-supplier communication necessary for digital proofing and sending out reminders when needed. And once customer approval and supplier confirmation have been granted, it’s all logged for future reference.

Maintain accountability

Gathering all information in one place, cloud-based ok4print ensures that you and your customers and suppliers always know the status of your orders, including who is supposed to do what to ensure timely delivery.

ok4print key features

  • Online approval of digital proof
  • Free-text product descriptions
  • Order filtering by any status
  • Automated supplier order emails
  • Automated reminders for suppliers, printers and customers
  • Supplier-fed shipping information and tracking ID
  • Integration with in-house graphics department
  • Archive with comprehensive customer order history
  • Easy to duplicate repeat orders
  • Secured and cloud based and available 24/7 from anywhere
  • Daily off-site backups

Award winning efficiency

“..an IT support that offers extremely efficient order-processing and the most secure delivery on the market” Such was the rationale when SBPR (Swedish business association of profile and promotional product vendors) awarded Reklamgrossen AB PromotionBiet (The Promotion Bee) as Promotional Supplier of the Year 2014. All thanks to ok4print.

Complete security and accessibility

Employing database encryption, cloud-based enterprise-level secure storage as well as off-site backup in a state-of-the-art redundant firewalled data centre, ok4print keeps your data entirely secure and safe from local breakdowns. It’s locked down to outsiders, yet your staff can easily log in and use the service from anywhere at any time.